Despite the intersections of their professional careers, the two heads behind Point Conception Consulting bring entirely different skills to the table, and this is also reflected in the core areas of the consultancy.


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Claas-Heye focuses on organisational development and process optimisation. His study of business psychology, during which he specialised in intercultural and sustainable management, and an additional qualification as a Lead Auditor are of significant benefit to him in this. As part of his award-winning diploma thesis, Claas-Heye also developed the concept for one of the most well-known training facilities for seafarers in the Philippines.

Marc specialises in analysing business models and improving on these and optimising revenue. His experience as a managing director and his study of business administration, as well as a course of further study on finance at the Harvard Business School in Boston (USA) are of great help to him when working on projects.


Marc Schmidt is one of the two founders of Point Conception Consulting. Previously, he was the Managing Director of a large shipping company’s business unit in Hamburg, and as such was responsible for the sea personnel division.

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Marc also has experience as the Head of Department responsible for ship safety and quality assurance, and also as a Quality Manager and Auditor. In addition to his professional activity, Marc has also completed a distance learning course at Middlesex University London (UK) and graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The basis for his professional career was his training as a ship mechanic and nautical officer. He completed his almost ten years of seafaring by obtaining his ship master’s certificate.


Claas-Heye Diekmann is one of the two founders of Point Conception Consulting. Previously, he managed the Department of ship safety and quality assurance for a large shipping company based in Hamburg.

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Claas-Heye also has experience as a Quality Manager and Auditor. His professional career is based on training to become a ship’s mechanic and subsequent university study to obtain a Diploma in Industrial Engineering for Marine Transport. Claas-Heye ended his career at sea as a Chief Officer in order to study business psychology at the University of Bremen. He specialised in intercultural and sustainable management.

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